Yesterday was my birthday, today is National Unicorn Day. Life can’t get any more fabulous.

Yes, money could rain from the sky and I could have a bigger wardrobe than I already have, but honestly, all I need is joyful moments and friends to celebrate them with. National Unicorn Day is by far the most exciting day of the year (aside from Samhain, of course) and to celebrate this wonderful day, I am sharing a great little recipe I’ve been playing around with a couple times. Just click on the link down below and Enjoy! You seriously stamp this sugar cookie dough into any shape you want, but for this special day, I got myself a Unicorn head Cookie Cutter and Glazed the sweetness out of them! Plus side: they are vegan. I admit it makes absolutely no difference for most of you, but cuting out butter and eggs is a good start. CHEERS!

Picture me throwing a handful of glitter your way!

This is a batch I previously made in honour of my sister in law’s birthday! Aren’t they the cutest!

THIS WAY FOR THE RECIPE: https://lovingitvegan.com/the-easiest-vegan-sugar-cookies/

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