Sweet Treat Black Bean Brownies


In between healing my flu, celebrating a friends’ birthday, training for a new seasonal merchandising switch at work and my brother’s wedding preparation and bachelor party, I have zero energy left this week already and we’re only Wednesday.
Therefore, I am making it lazy easy. You’re welcome.
This week’s recipe is one brought by my Mom who decided to craft something sweet for us this past weekend, whom herself wanted to eat a sweet treat, without feeling the guilt of simply stuffing her mouth with chocolates and cookies, and looked up brownie recipes on Ricardo’s website. This one comes from a Marie Joanne Boucher Book, adapted for Ricardo. Thanks!
The same way I would, she changed the recipe’s ingredients a little to suit her needs and fixed the steps to simplify them a little. Thank you, mom.
And now that I work for DavidsTea, I can definitely see myself rewarding the end of a long day with a delicious cup of S’mores chaï or Pumpkin Chaï as I head back home, to my bed or otherwise planned dinner parties. Enjoy you’re a week and take a bite into this devilishly succulent brownie!


Ingredients List Blackbean Brownie

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