Protein Intake Recipe: TofuTurkey Meatballs & Honey-Jalapeno Glaze


Are you ready for a three day weekend? I am! 
This year for our Labor Day weekend I’m planning on taking it easy. I have no plans aside from hanging out with friends to celebrate pumpkin spice season and the end of the heatwave.
This said I will be able to hit the gym at least twice in three days. That’s if I don’t end up being a lazy bed sloth. Yeah, I can still go lift some weights and work on my baby fat and then get back to bed. Who said I had to be a sloth all day?
I’ll probably end up eating all if not more than the calories I spent at the gym anyway. Call it an half-committed plan.
At least, I want to eat something that will benefit my body. I need protein, rather than the empty calories found in chips and chocolate bars. Or cookies for that matter. It’s also not yet Halloween so there’s no reason to go wild on candy right away. That’s why I decided to pull out my surprise meatball recipe and throw in a delicious glaze to make it even tastier. I see it as guilt-free eating, with an enticing sweetness to top it off. With it, I’m having a salad or some veggies this time.
What are your plans for the weekend? 
Are you spending time with family and friends too? Or is this the perfect time to stay cozy in front of the TV, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having some YOU time? Perhaps there’s even time to go out on a date?
Ingredients List Tofu turkey


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