Peanut Butter dumps

Are you looking for something sweet to bite into after a long and nice day of work? Tired of buying overpriced cookies and cakes at the grocery store and not really knowing what you’re ingesting aside from loads of sugar and flour? Fear not, I may have the right treatment for your end-of-work-week binge!
Since I have been on a tight schedule for the past two weeks and have noticed how late I arrive from work, I tend to eat dinner around 8 PM on most nights. I tend not to eat anything too sweet right before bedtime if I am planning on jumping into bed soon after, but when I am off the next day and decide to stretch my evening with two movies on Netflix, I really crave a dessert.
This week, I decided to go down the peanut butter road. I feel naughty, what can I say. I’ve added extra spreads onto my waffles, scooped up heaping tablespoons just for a mouthful and even added a dab to my bowl of ice-cream. The taste and texture of smooth peanuts in my mouth is simply the perfect comfort food I need with the current temperature shift. It doesn’t hurt that PB is a good source of fat and protein either.
If I could eat smores, I would, but I don’t have what it takes to make them at home and clearly can’t find a good gluten-free cracker replacement for the graham cookie. Luckily, we have received samples of our new teas at David’s Tea, which Include a Rooibos Smores tea. It is simply a delight, minus the calories and sugar. And the chewing.
So, I turn to my good old pal Kraft Peanut Butter. I can’t say that I have always been a fan of peanut butter, regardless of the fact that I never liked toast in the morning. Although, in a few years, I have enjoyed baking with the delicious spread in many ways. This week, I decided to turn a regular PB cookie into a fantastic one! Honestly, all you have to do is mix all together and dump them onto a cookie sheet to bake in the oven, and voilà. I decided to add pistachios and dried cranberry to the mix because I wanted extra crunch and berry sweetness.
Here goes the simple and quick-ready recipe for my PB+Pistachio+Cranberry Dumps!


Ingredients List PB

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