How to avoid exhaustion during Fall


If you are like me and are wondering where’s the spill in your usual energy fount, then you read the right post today. These are my little tips and tricks for avoiding a complete exhaustion and meltdown during the next few months. Are you back to school and can’t find the extra time between study and your part-time job to eat properly and get a full nights’ rest? Or are you already working full-time and receiving a heavier pre-Christmas workload? Is your schedule overflowing with preparations for more events your fingers can count? Yep, it’s already happening.

Over the past two weeks, I have fought the flu, gotten physically and mentally ready for my brothers’ wedding and have been managing my team through achieving new goals at work while we switched our collection for Fall. It would be normal to think that I am tired because I have been busy, but there’s more to my fatigue.

This time around, I am heavier than I normally feel I am, and that’s beside the fact I gained weight. Even a good nights’ rest can’t fix my sleepy head. As soon as I wake, I feel light headed and drained as though I hadn’t slept well or eaten enough. And my brain is jammed in a cloud of the unknown, much like clarity cannot be accessed at this time. Like I keep putting the password into my mind computer and it comes back wrong every time.

I doubt that laziness is the only factor for my being a sloth. Sloths are cute, but I’m not ready to jump into winter hibernation right away! I still try to push myself on a daily basis with finding less time to fulfill my activities. It perhaps may simply be the shift of season being processed by my body and therefore updating my metabolism for colder times ahead.

Are you tired too? 

Are you eating enough and well?

Have you changed anything in your habits? 

Are your weeks fuller than they were during this summer? 

No matter how hard this one may seem, the key is to stop going around like a maniac and select and remove one activity in your week that doesn’t serve a purpose anymore and replace it with some personal time. Yes, it’s okay to be lazy. Don’t forget to take care of yourself from time to time! 

My number one trick for you is: don’t push it. If it isn’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Don’t waste your energy doing the extra bit if you know it will go to waste.

Even if this one goes against pushing yourself.. You might want to spend this extra energy while hitting the gym for a great workout in between work, school, events, and obligations. It is a known fact that working out at least 3 times a week helps boost your energy levels and keep your mental state at ease. The endorphins are your friend! Whether you feel stressed, low-energy or even frustrated with situations that are out of your control, your body will thank you later. Yes, you might be sore the next day, but a nice warm bath with your favorite essence to let your muscles relax while you get some you-time is the next step to recovery. What a sweet bonus!

The next trick is to boost your immune system through food. It is time to detoxify your body from all the damage you’ve imposed over the summer. Ditch your morning coffee for a large glass of lemon infused water, adding a dash of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. With every meal, chew down and swallow a thumb size quantity of fresh ginger root. This last one will help you keep at bay the nasty germs and viruses.

You can also cozy up to a warm mug of your favorite green tea. I would suggest a traditional Japanese or Chinese full leaf infusion, as these are more effective for your system than an aromatic blend with fruits and other herbs. Drinking tea is a great way to boost antioxidants in your body and also helps your body through the process of digestion. The added bonus of caffeine also doesn’t hurt while you’re skipping out on your morning cup of joe.

Days have already begun to shorten up and the lack of sunlight on our skin has already started to lessen the natural production of Vitamin D. Yep. Vitamin D is a massive body aid: it protects from inflammation, blood pressure, muscle tensions and helps brain function. Yes, you read that right: a new sunset time is really causing your body to shift a little. You might consider taking vitamin D supplements enjoying light therapy via a sun-lamp as you don’t have as much time to enjoy the outdoors. These are two cheaper options for those like me who don’t have the luxury of heading south for a sunny vacation.

Now, just because summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy partying from time to time, especially with the fall wedding season already in full force. I have many friends who attend close to 1 wedding a week since the beginning of September and I for one don’t know how they do it. I could simply not get wasted every week! Weddings are awesome, but don’t forget to drink plenty of water! Congrats to all the happy couples! Mazel tov!

My last tip for you today is simple: have sex with someone.

I’m not saying that you should go full tantric after your next romantic dinner or plan a Redbull-spiked three-way with your best friend, but hear me out. Although you may feel exhausted right after both parties are done being pleasured and have reached orgasm, you’ll notice how the next days leave you calmer and somewhat feeling elevated.

Sex chases away depression and bad blues because of the Oxytocin hormone being released during intercourse. It literally causes pain and aches to go away (not those aches caused by extreme stretching during intercourse though) and is paired with endorphins to release a maximum of tension from your entire body, especially your brain. So say goodbye to stress and tiredness. Give it a shot, and then go out for some evening pancakes. You’ll thank me.

What are your personal energy-boosting tips?

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