#Foodporn: Your must-visit sweet spot of the week

Sampling Choices
Summer is here and you know what it means.
Speedo season amongst us gay men is a must. The sight of your two-piece bathing suit sends chills down your spine. You feel guilty for over-indulging over Christmas time. You want to start a juice cleanse right this second.
As a young adult, I felt driven to diet, train, and tan in order to feel the right to put on a swimsuit, when in fact, I’d end up skipping the pool or hitting the beach entirely during the summer. It is a shame that I was stressing over my appearance just to bear the thought of social acceptance. A few years later, letting go of old habits and changing my perspective has made me understand that I don’t need all these restrictions to feel great in my skin. It takes some time and letting go to get where I am today, but every person can meet their body-goals by getting into the right mindset. Sometimes, it isn’t all about dieting: it starts with how you see yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that you can change if you really want to.
Nowadays, gone are some of my insecurities.  I managed to replace them with positive and constructive tips that help my body. It’s ridiculous that I spent time complaining about what I looked like when I was 16 years old, comparing myself to 25+-year-old fitness models whom I had no chance in becoming out of the blue, desiring a thin figure and toned muscles. Today, my Crohn’s actually impacts the choice of food I put into my body and I can’t really add on pounds, which makes me a bit miserable. I know what you’re thinking: who does he think he is complaining about not being fat enough?
This year, I actually plan to forego any past routine and cater my attention toward devouring whatever food comes my way. I don’t care to work out as much as I used to, and would rather stuff my mouth (insert naughty mental image here). My sweet tooth has a mind of its own, so I’m already one chew away from my goal. Now, this isn’t a cue for you to throw food at me.
If you happen to visit Longueuil, on the South Shore of Montreal, you must pass by Patîsserie Rolland. The family-owned business values hard work, offering quality product and love of sharing with customers. The pastry shop presents a large selection of entremets, chocolates, frozen products, gift ideas and also specializes in catering service.
Rolland is the perfect spot to meet friends and family for coffee and share à la carte portions of their cakes and mousses. This makes for the ideal way of trying out a dessert before buying a larger one for an occasion.  The terrace also makes it convenient for a summer meet-cute. I sure would share a millefeuille with a cute guy. The selection of cakes is vast and you sometimes have a hard time homing-in on one alone (selection shown above in part).
For special events and birthdays, I suggest ordering a Grand Rolland, the household name’s specialty. The confection is made of biscuit dacquoise (almond based), feuilletine hazelnut, vanilla crème brûlée, gianduja mousse (hazelnut chocolate) and topped with a chocolate mirror glaze. As someone who disregards chocolate in general, I enjoy this cake for its flawless layering and right amount cocoa. One bite of the tender, never soggy base and you’re in almond heaven.
Patîsserie Rolland, 170 St-Charles W. Street, Longueuil.
Open most days from 7:30AM to 6PM.
For more information, visit http://www.patisserierolland.ca
This post is not sponsored.


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