A Café that cares: La Tasse Rouge

Tasse Rouge_-4

Have you ever asked yourself if there was such a place as a coffee shop that offers an “at-home” atmosphere with the comfort that you only normally find bundled up in your favorite blanket, along with the feel of a genuine client-first attitude? Are you ever so slightly tired of spending too much for a latté at the same unchanged big-branch caffeine spot and wonder if there is another option out there? Are you simply dying to eat a Spanakopita while sipping on a delicious Tropical smoothie? If you answer yes to these, then La Tasse Rouge is your go-to Café.

Tasse Rouge_-6Tasse Rouge_-5

Sue, the owner of La Tasse Rouge, aims to receive you as though you were a longtime friend invited over for a long overdue sip and chat. Whether you are by yourself to read a book while comfortably seated over at the cushiony lounge corner or have brought on a date to share a delicious Affogato (currently offered as part of the summer menu) or decide to hop on a bar stool because you are in much need of some human connection and need to spill your two cents out about the current worldly affairs, you have chosen the right place.


Their mission: to help the community and those in need by offering a second-home and a little comfort to every individual seeking a safe space and a little food. Every person who walks through the door is part of the community, regardless of their living conditions.
The concept is simple and efficient: When you come to pay for your order, you can tally-up a menu item to your total. This item becomes available to the next person in need. Whether it is an iced coffee during those warm summer days, a savory sandwich after a long day or even a warm bowl of soup during the harsh winter months, this person knows that someone cared to give back and offer a little comfort.
Tasse Rouge_-8
In return, La Tasse Rouge is committed to maintaining a strong engagement toward its clientele as well as with the community by being inclusive and putting out a variety of high-quality-at-low-cost products.
The Café en Attente is located on Masson promenades right off the Olympic Park and has become a community favorite for its charming, laid-back and ultra-welcoming vibe. Offered on the menu is your typical selection of cafés, but using culture responsible and fair trade coffee.
Hungry? Come and select one of tasteful sandwich, bagel or pastry, prepared daily with fresh produce from locally sourced providers. You can also bring your dog and kick back on movie night while sipping on a refreshing bottle of Kombucha.
So whether you are a local who desires to try a new hangout spot on Tuesdays, or a new to Montreal, hoping to meet cool people and find a comfy and casual hangout spot away from crowded downtown cafés, La Tasse Rouge is your perfect destination. All this with open arms, and maybe a few awesome songs playing at the back (you can always request a song and have a sing-along with your friends).
3756 Rue Masson, Montréal
Easy access by PIE-IX Metro Station and 139N Bus or walk
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